Friday, 13 April 2012

Today is a gift, that's why it's called "The present".

Ruby T is a lucky girl.

Mr RT knows that I love hand made crafts etc especially Arabian crafts and textiles. So I am now the proud owner of this beautiful hand woven Bedouin Rug.

Little RT is off School for Easter this week but they had a sort of "Easter Club" where the children could go in for three shorter days and do arts and crafts. Yesterday I was presented with this love Necklace made from...Macaroni

He's made me promise that next time I go out in Luxor, I will wear it with pride :-)

Talking of Crafts, I wanted to share with you this lovely hand painted Arabian Mirror. It's hand painted. Isn't it beautiful?

This is going to be hung in the bedroom of my Little Mudbrick Project.

So what else has Ruby T been up to? Well our fruit trees are finally doing well. Our Peach trees probably have about 1000 peaches on each so I'm going to start learning about Jam making, bottling and preserving.

Our Mango trees have finally got lots of little Mangoes so would love to have a go at Mango Chutney.

Our Papaya tree has many more Papayas this year but I'm surprised how little fruit it produces compared to other trees. I guess that's why they are so expensive to buy back in the UK.

We've purchased another eight fruit trees so that we can make our outdoor space as productive as possible. We've created a shaded area near out gate, the natural covering was collected from the banks of the Nile. We've made the area under it concrete and created some Flower beds which need to be filled.

 You can't see it well as the ground is currently covered with sand to protect it while we were creating a garden path. So this is a work in progress.

You may remember that I love Orientalist Art. I've just have this picture framed. Another lady who enjoys her Oranges by the Nile, only this one seems to enjoy a Shisha too.

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