Friday, 4 May 2012

Pick a Papaya

Fishing boat on the river at 6am this morning

We've finally cleaned up from the Sandstorm although everything is still getting dusty faster than usual. Our Papaya that fell off the tree is finally ripe after we wrapped in newspaper and here it is... Taa-daa

Papaya (paw paw) fruit

I made some baby puree with most of of and put the rest in a fresh fruit salad. Apparently the seeds can be dried in a low oven and then ground. You can then use them as you would black pepper as they have a very similar taste.

A man from the garden centre where we get out plants and trees from couldn't understand how we managed to get fruit on our Papaya tree when it stands alone as only the Female produces fruit and it needs the male for pollination. Well! I have now discovered that there are THREE types of Papaya tree, Male, Female and Bisexual which self pollinates - so looks like we have the latter!

I've discovered that Papaya trees are really easy to grow from seed and often you will have fruit in 6-12 months! So, we are going to use these seeds and give it a go. Papaya  trees don't seem to be that common in Luxor and we rarely see them to buy at the garden centre. We'll need to create a small plantation as you need a male to pollinate the females (1 male to 15 females) and we probably won't be lucky and get Bisexual ones next time.

Incidentally, the leaves of the Papaya tree can also be washed,steamed and eaten like Spinach or stewed and the water used to make a tea similar to Green Tea! I love trying new things so probably will give it a go.

In celebration here is a little video of "Bare necessities" from Jungle Book where you can see them enjoying their own Papayas (or Paw paws as they like to call them). Enjoy!

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