Friday, 23 November 2012

Mud Glorious Mud - Part II

Do you remember ages ago I was rambling about mudbricks?

As we recently welcomed our first guests I thought I'd tell you a little more about "The Orange Grove".

We've built two traditional adobe (mud brick) self catering apartments for rental here on the East Bank. They are built with domed and vaulted ceilings. There is a garden which I think you'll agree is pretty unique here on the East Bank. It's perfect for those wanting to be in close proximity to  Luxor/Karnak Temple, shops and restaurants yet in a more peaceful environment than the City Centre can offer.

Rental starts from £150 per week in low season (that's approx 187 Euros). Here's a photo of one of the bedrooms..

If you'd like to find out more, please visit

There is both a Twitter and a Facebook link, so if you are on Facebook, please "like" us

Anyway, this isn't a blog for commercial purposes but it's a huge part of what I've been up to lately so it would be a bit odd not to let you know. I'd love to hear your feedback and then it's back to posting about gardens, fruit and cooking.


  1. Hello there,
    I stumbled across your blog when you left a comment on frugal living uk's blog. I myself follow the frugal lifestyle and don't really see the point in credit cards, impulse buys, expensive presents etc. I'm glad to find a lot of like-minded people out there! It's nice to know the world isn't full of only greedy people!I recently started a blog over at The garden looks wonderful and the orange grove looks DEVINE! I hope you receive lots of wonderful visitors this season! Do you celebrate christmas over there and if so whats your plans? I'm not sure what the weather is like this time of year?

    1. hi Elizabeth, I've just visited your blog and I'm going to sit down with a coffee in a minute and read through :-). Thanks for the lovely comments re The Orange Grove. Egypt is mostly Muslim but we also have about 10% Coptic Christians but they celebrate the Orthodox Christmas in January. Because there are lots of visitors here from the West there are lots of decorations in the streets and on the front of Hotels. Most Hotels and Restaurants hold Christmas dinners. My 5 year old has gone to the UK with his Grandmother for the Christmas Holidays. We plan to just stay at home for Christmas but we may eat Turkey - we've not decided yet! Hope you have a wonderful time x

  2. The room looks beauitful, you done a great job with the room and btw I love your blog title!
    I just discover you from frugal living uk

    1. Lovely to see you here and thanks for your nice comments. Sorry I've only just replied, I have my Mum over on holiday and its been rather hectic. I hope you're well and looking forward to Christmas.