Saturday, 22 December 2012

In a pickle.

22nd December and the sun still shining

Despite being nearly Christmas the weather here in Luxor is still around 23 and more like a Summers day. It is difficult to imagine that back in the UK and elsewhere everybody is rushing around getting last minute presents and all the other Christmas preparations.

Little RT (who is now 5 and not so little) has gone back to the UK with his Nanny (for non English people I mean Grandmother) for nearly three weeks. He goes to an International School so the holidays are very similar with long Christmas breaks whilst the Egyptian State schools are still open. The Coptic Christmas here is on 7th January and is a Public holiday. About 10% of Egypts population are Copts but apparently in Luxor this percentage is much higher.

Anyway, Little RT's absence has freed up some of my time for my new obsession - pickling and chutneys!

 I'm well known in my family for my frequent "hobbies" that become my number one talking point only to be dropped and never mentioned again. So if any of them are reading this they will probably be rolling their eyes as I speak. We've had the Cello, Knob painting, Mosaics, Saxophone, the clarinet, Holistic massage, candle making to name but a few.

But Pickles and Chutneys? This is going to be a hobby for life...I just know it. Already I've developed what I know like to call my "Pickling eye". A lonesome apple in the fruit bowl, the desolate carrot in the cupboard the last remaining courgette - they all have the potential to become the most amazing chutneys. Quite frankly, given half the chance I could spend ALL DAY chutney-ing!! Is there anything more satisfactory than seeing glass jars filled with homemade pickles, jams and chutney? No! of course there isn't.

Ta-da! Some homemade pickles and chutneys
Soon I'm going to start dehydrating fruit and making fruit leathers and I just can't blooming wait!

Little-est RT who is now one has started going to nursery a fews mornings a week and loves it. He can't get out of the door fast enough and even brings me his shoes to put on. It's shut today because the second round of the referendum so we've have a nice morning. Mr RT has been gardening and we've had a delicious homemade lunch of Chicken Curry, rice, cucumber Raita, salad and homemade Garlic Naan breads sat in the sun by the river. So I think that is us well and truly stuffed for the day.

My homemade garlic naan bread.

I hardly watch any TV as I'm usually so easily distracted. However, I'm watching a series on DVD at the moment called "The Syndicate". It's about a lottery Syndicate of 5 who win £18 million. It's a drama and brilliant - only two more episodes to go.

The Syndicate.
I love the Winter Evenings in Luxor, it is usually so warm at night that it's lovely to get snuggled down in the evenings with a good book or DVD.

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  1. Pickles! How wonderful, the jars you made look great!They look like they'd make a lovely present too! Thanks for your reply on my previous comment and thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, it's much appreciated! Keep up the great pickling/chutney making!