Monday, 31 December 2012

A bit of recycling!

My 5 year old, Little RT is on holiday in England at the moment, back next  Monday.

He really needs his own desk in his bedroom so we've had one made and have been busy sanding it down and painting it. There aren't many furniture shops here in Luxor so if you need or want a piece of furniture, it's usually made to order by a local carpenter. You can provide them with photos or sketch something out on a piece of paper and they will do their best at making it.

Little RT is Lego mad, in fact here he is in a Racing car made from Lego at Legoland, Windsor.

I've been looking around the house for things I can turn into pencil pots. Recycling being the name of the game. I've got lots of Baby Milk tins but stumbled across a brilliant idea - turning a Baby food jar into a Lego Man Head pen pot. Here is how you do it!

Take a Baby Food jar and give it a good wash out. I don't usually buy Baby food but make my own so I only had this one left which I was already using as a jar to store sunflower seeds.

Then squirt some yellow acrylic paint in the jar.

Give it a swish round

Paint on a Lego Man face

There you have it! I think it is a great recycling idea. I'll post some more pictures once his desk his set up.

So readers, I know you're there because I see you on my Feedjit. What do you have planned for New Years Eve? Any resolutions?

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