Friday, 28 December 2012

Resolutions for 2013

It's around that time when people are thinking about resolutions they can make and probably break for 2013. I've decided that I'm not going to make any this year as I always end up breaking them anyway.

The world seems so full of uncertainties at the moment that I just want to enjoy this year as much as possible and practise a bit of gratefulness.

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade! (I just wanted to try out my Instagram type program really)

2012 has a been a tough year for Egypt and indeed the people of Luxor who have seen their incomes drop due to a reduction in tourism and price increases.

Pair of Senegal Thick knees that come and visit us every morning

Someone in a group I'm a member of came up with a great idea. You get an empty jar and every time something good happens during the course of the year, no matter how small, you make a note on a piece of paper and pop it in the jar.

At the end of the year you open up the jar and remind yourself of all the good things that happened. It's so easy at times to fall in to a negative pattern of thinking that it's a great way to remind yourself that amongst the mundane or bad times there is usually something to be thankful for

I enjoy taken photos but I'm certainly no great photographer! However, I was sent a link to a Facebook page and blog about a photo a day challenge:-

Everyday throughout January there is a word prompt which I need to focus my photo for the day on:-

So for example on the 23rd the theme is "Electric". It should be fun and also encourage me to look around and find the beauty in the things around me. I'll be posting a picture on here everyday .

This month I also found out about a new Project, "Plant a Tree Day in Hurghada".

A group of Hurghada Residents have started an initiative to encourage the planting of more trees and shrubs and make more Green spaces that everyone can enjoy. There are schools, dive clubs, restaurants, bars, social clubs, hotels and businesses all working together to make Hurghada more Green.

Most of the events are in the middle to end of February but Plant a Tree Day itself is happening on Friday February 22nd. They have put in so much work and have the full support of the City Council which I think is wonderful. It is probably too late for us to organise anything of that scale here in Luxor, however, I will be showing my support by planting a couple of new trees in my garden on this day. If you are a Luxor resident and have your own Green space, perhaps you could do the same?

You can find out more here:-


  1. Thanks for heads up about the photo a day challenge, Ruby T.! I'll check it out. And I love the background (as well as the content, of course!) on your blog. Is it a template?

  2. Thanks Marie. Yes the challenge would be good and you could post the photo on your blog each day. I got this template from "Hot Bliggity Blog". They've got some very nice ones:-